Ace of Spades Production Sale
Where: The Breeder's Connection
When: January 14-16, 2012

For More Information Contact:
Brandon Stewart
(254) 592-1246
      Thanks to all who have taken the time to visit our 2013 production sale.
2012 was a rough year for us at the Ace of Spades Ranch.  Health reasons have
caused us to evaluate the size of the ranch and we came to the conclusion that a
drastic reduction was needed.  We have decided to go from 200 cows to 40 and
with that we are forced to sell some great stock. The older cows in the sale will be
replaced by their daughters and that will be the future of the ranch. The younger
cows in the sale all have sisters that will be staying.  
    We have also decided to start selling our great young bulls again.  The last time
we sold yearlings we let go of the ABBI World Champion, The NBBA Futurity
Champion, and the ABBI 3yr old Champion.  There are some great young bulls in
this sale, look closely because the next world champion just may be in there.
  Thanks again for stopping by, good luck with all your purchases, and God Bless.